It’s never too late to learn

Duncan Walker Photography - Chetham's Library

As a photographer in the making, you often find that you reach a point where you wonder, ‘is it all worth it?’. This story has been told many times over by ‘creatives’ from all walks of life and genres , but photography is one that I’ve heard this uttered in so often. You compare yourself to your peers, you compare your creativity and knowledge to hundreds, if not thousands of like-minded individuals on social media, Flickr, Facebook and Instagram to name but a few. You wish you lived in a place that has stunning scenery, beautiful mountain ranges, sweeping coastal views etc …

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Winterbourne House – Local Interests

Duncan Walker Photography - Winterbourne House

After living in Birmingham for over thirteen years, give or take a couple, I stumbled across a great place to visit just round the corner from where I live. It was pure chance that I came across it, being one of those days when I was eager to get out and about to take a photograph of something new. Winterbourne House and Gardens is a real gem if you’re looking for a well kept, beautifully arranged gardens and house; full of interesting delights and historical sites. Read More

Who’s stalking who?

While I like to think I’m an open book when it comes to photography genres, I have to admit that I’m far more comfortable taking certain shots than others. Not wholly based on my skills, but more a case of me being able to connect with the subject, I’m sure later on in this post I’ll regret wording it that way, but that’s how I feel about it right now.

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The Journey Begins

I love ‘sayings’, small snippets of words that can portray a much larger picture, invoke stronger feelings than an entire book full of sentences or pass down wisdom over the ages to those who are looking for direction in a simple way. So here is one of my favorites, “everything comes to he who waits“. Possibly a little sexist in this day and age, maybe it should be, “everything comes to those who wait“, but lets not go down that path.

Why does that spring to mind you ask, well, I hope you do, or else this article may become boring very quickly. My close family, mother and sister, both live further north from where I live and so on occasions when I can get to see them, I have to travel a fairly uneventful road for roughly two hours to reach the village/town that they live in. I’ve traveled this road for over ten years now, and there is little there that holds your interest, unless of course you’re an avid fan of the legendary motorway service station; offering wonders such as overpriced fuel, undercooked food and a multitude of often ill mannered and weary traveler.

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