Food Bloggers – food photography

Duncan Walker Photography - Food Blogging

I’m a big fan of food photography, and appreciate the time and effort put in to what may seem like simple snap of a shiny soup bowl or collection of moody vegetables. I’ve recently had the pleasure to work with a few bloggers who were looking for a well crafted image of a specific recipe they’d written about on their blog. It’s been a steep learning curve, but fun; plus I get to play both cook, stylist and photographer all in one, with a helping hand from my wonderful partner … Read More

Just round the corner

Duncan Walker Photography - Shakespeare Garden

As the contemplations of Summer grow and the memories of Winter fade, it’s a comforting thought that nature is making plans for a new show to surprise and entertain us. If you’re one of the lucky ones who has a wonderfully kept garden, with neatly trimmed beds, perfectly leveled lawns and an abundance of flowers laying dormant, ready to blume; then you already have your own personal nature show waiting in the wings. For the less fortunate, or in my case, not so enthusiastic gardener, our floral fireworks and leafy explosions may be more like an underfunded B movie; dull, moody, with the odd quirky cult status of that weird plant which seems to spring up each year in the dark corner next to the fence.

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Serving Raspberry Realness – food photography

Duncan Walker Photography - raspberry

Sometimes it’s just fun to get back to basics and keep it simple. So after a brief, chilling trip to the local supermarket; I returned home with my bounty of food. I don’t think this was how hunter, gatherers worked way back then, in fact I’m sure my ancestors would be greatly disappointed in my lack of animal tracking skills or my ability to pluck fruit from nearby bushes and trees. Those days are gone, they’re so retro. That said, those days were also a lot cheaper, free actually; but today I guess I’m paying for someone else’s hunter, gathering skills and to have it presented to me in nice, neat packaging.

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Birmingham Grit: Black and White Urban Photography

Although the following saying, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, was no doubt around for many years before the author Margaret Wolfe Hungerford included it in her book ‘Molly Bawn’ (1878), it still stands as a widely used idiom to this day. Beauty can be found in many scenarios, even in the worst environments; but it’s a subjective beauty and not one that all will agree with or even see. I think one of the skills of a photographer is to bring out that beauty and hopefully highlight it in a positive or at least palatable way, so others can realise or maybe understand what they’re seeing.

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Winterbourne House revisited

This morning was one of those, ‘Maybe, maybe not?’ moments. You know when you wake up, and your first urge is to get out there and greet the world, say ‘hi’ and do something with your day. Then you look out of the window, only to be met with a grey, cloudy looking vista. That initial urge starts to fade, maybe the world can wait to be greeted another day? I’ve had many of those moments, but sometimes you just have to push on through and believe that the day will still work out; after all, what can a bit of cloud do to ruin your creative desires?

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Christmas Concert – Shirley Fellowship Singers

Duncan Walker Photography - Fellowship Singers of Shirley

I had the honour of being asked to record a few moments from a Christmas concert performed by the Fellowship Singers of Shirley. Their website was in need of a fresh set of photos, and as I’d had experience of concert photography in a previous job, I eagerly went along. It was a wonderful, festive concert and great refreshments. Here are a few photos from the night. Read More