Photography Tips for Live Music

It’s often seen as a bit of a ‘dark art’ when it comes to live music photography, those amazing shots you see of your favourite artist, with dazzling lighting, perfectly timed mid-air leaps and all-round stunning action captured in a timeless photo. Is it just luck, or just a supreme understanding of gear and the environment? I think most photographers would agree that it’s probably 80% understanding and 20% luck. Anyone can use the now infamous, spray an prey technique, and will eventually come out with a handful of photos that are decent captures of the subject at hand; but putting your camera on auto, pointing it in the general direction of something and pressing the shutter button isn’t where you really want to be. Not only will you do yourself a disservice by learning very little, but you then have the unenviable task of sifting through hundreds, if not thousands, of photos to find that one good one. Trust me, you don’t want to go there. Read More

Warstone Lane Cemetery

A curious nature, a camera and a cemetery. Sounds a little odd to say the least, possibly even downright creepy in the eyes of some people. I often wonder how I’m perceived by the random passerby when they see me framing up a shot of a gravestone, all on my lonesome. I guess the time of day may save me some form of ridicule or misconception; I imagine that late at night would certainly raise some concern and possibly even the odd call to the police. One thing it wouldn’t raise, would be the dead. Read More

Blenheim Palace – architectural splendour

Blenheim Palace - Duncan Walker Photography

There are days when a trip out seems daunting at first, even the mere mention of a location fills you with trepidation, it seems too far, the journey may be tiring and stressful etc … If you’re not careful you can reach that point where you’ve talked yourself out of it and yet ironically later you regret your decision to stay home. It’s almost like a catch twenty-two situation, you go and you may hate it, or at least the journey, you stay and you’ll hate that you wasted a day sat on the couch just watching TV. Read More

Just round the corner

Duncan Walker Photography - Shakespeare Garden

As the contemplations of Summer grow and the memories of Winter fade, it’s a comforting thought that nature is making plans for a new show to surprise and entertain us. If you’re one of the lucky ones who has a wonderfully kept garden, with neatly trimmed beds, perfectly leveled lawns and an abundance of flowers laying dormant, ready to blume; then you already have your own personal nature show waiting in the wings. For the less fortunate, or in my case, not so enthusiastic gardener, our floral fireworks and leafy explosions may be more like an underfunded B movie; dull, moody, with the odd quirky cult status of that weird plant which seems to spring up each year in the dark corner next to the fence.

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Serving Raspberry Realness – food photography

Duncan Walker Photography - raspberry

Sometimes it’s just fun to get back to basics and keep it simple. So after a brief, chilling trip to the local supermarket; I returned home with my bounty of food. I don’t think this was how hunter, gatherers worked way back then, in fact I’m sure my ancestors would be greatly disappointed in my lack of animal tracking skills or my ability to pluck fruit from nearby bushes and trees. Those days are gone, they’re so retro. That said, those days were also a lot cheaper, free actually; but today I guess I’m paying for someone else’s hunter, gathering skills and to have it presented to me in nice, neat packaging.

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Birmingham Grit: Black and White Urban Photography

Although the following saying, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, was no doubt around for many years before the author Margaret Wolfe Hungerford included it in her book ‘Molly Bawn’ (1878), it still stands as a widely used idiom to this day. Beauty can be found in many scenarios, even in the worst environments; but it’s a subjective beauty and not one that all will agree with or even see. I think one of the skills of a photographer is to bring out that beauty and hopefully highlight it in a positive or at least palatable way, so others can realise or maybe understand what they’re seeing.

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